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Heating Elements

High Quality Range of Heating Elements

At BathEmpire, we provide you with the top of the range heating elements ideal for adding electric functionality to your brand new towel rail. We stock a range of options when it comes to heating elements.

Our range of radiator thermostats have been specifically designed to present you with a wide range of options when it comes to adding functionality of any new or existing radiators within your home. Our radiator thermostat range gives you the chance to operate your radiator at the mere flick of a switch.

Dual Fuel Functionality

All of our heated towel radiators comprise of a dual fuel functionality, which means they can be heated up using your central heating system, as well as separately using an electric element. If you wish to take complete advantage of the dual fuel functionality, you will need a T piece connector, heating elements and radiator valves. However, in other cases, you can select your heating elements carefully, depending on what you require the radiators for.

For instance, if you wish to use this radiator with your central heating system and not integrate the electric element, you could order your valves separately from the radiator. When it comes to our electric radiators, these already come with electric heating elements. In order to install any of our electric heated towel rails, you will need a T-piece connector. All our heating elements are supplied in three different outputs of heat including 100W, 300W and 500W. The heating elements come complete with a metre-long cable and are in compliance with RoHS directive.

Constructed With Strength & Precision

The heating elements we stock are formulated with precision and feature chrome plated brass to guarantee you endurance. They are tested to British standard fittings and the heating elements are tested to EN 60335-1 standard. They are pressure tested at intense levels of 6 bar and the pressure in your home tends to be under 7 bar.

Supporting Warranty

The incredibly high standards of production of our heating elements are further supported by our ten year warranty, which is provided to you at absolutely no additional cost. We give you this assurance in case you need to repair or replace your heating elements within the next ten years.