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Francis Flat Panel Towel Radiators

Flawless Flat Panels

Our range of stunningly-designed Francis flat towel radiators is an elegant addition to any modern bathroom. No matter what the size of your bathroom, your new flat panel towel rail radiator has been designed to meet every type of requirement.

Practical Design Elements

Not only can you install these Francis flat panel towel chrome towel radiators in your bathroom, you can also install them within other rooms of your home. For instance, if you have soaking wet dishcloths in your kitchen; one of these fine chrome radiators would be quite handy when washing up.

This is because they would keep your dish cloths dry and fresh all day long and ready to dry your dishes when need be. The Francis flat panel towel radiators are made from low carbon steel construct.

Heavyweight Construction

They are coated with three layers of chrome to create a long lasting product, making our flat towel radiators are the perfect solution for you. The reflective and contemporary finish of the chrome results in a top end product at a fraction of the cost.

Slim and Wide Versions

Our flat towel bathroom radiators come in heights of 800 mm, 1200 mm and 1600 mm, meaning that you do not need to go anywhere else to find a flat towel rail radiator that will fit the specification of your bathroom. Buy a 1600 mm tall flat towel rail radiator for a more spacious bathroom where a higher heat output is required.

Alternatively, to make the best use of your cloakroom or en suite bathroom, you could go for a more compact 800 mm tall flat towel rail radiator. With your new flat towel rail radiator only a click away, no matter which of our radiators you decide to buy, the excellent BTU output will ensure that your towels are always warm when you need them to be.