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Brushed Steel Pull Out Kitchen Taps

Pull Out Kitchen Taps with Stylish Functionality

At BathEmpire, we are forever trying to put ourselves into the shoes of you, the customer. We know what we would want as a buyer, and work from that basis. That's why everything we produce - including our brushed steel pull out kitchen taps - can boast both solid utility and stunning design.

Our brushed steel pull out kitchen taps selection includes our Della and Tiffany models. The Della has a more muted brushed finish, while the Tiffany provides a lot more gleam. The Tiffany brushed steel pull out kitchen taps have something else in their locker in the form of a handy button that will switch you from a normal flow to a spray to adapt to any cleaning challenge.

Materials For Shine & Strength

One reason we can have such confidence in the longevity and looks of our brushed steel pull out kitchen taps is because we are painstaking in our search for great materials. We start, like all our taps, with a copper-rich brass alloy base, a mix that we know gives us unbeatable resilience and corrosion resistant qualities.

Over that we plate a seductively modern burnished metallic finish, a look that will make your kitchen stand out from the more mainstream, workaday designs that proliferate nowadays. Yes, it's true, we can make your kitchen taps a design talking point! Take a look at our bathroom sale to find our range of special offers on kitchen taps.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

You can dig around the market for a good long while, but I can almost guarantee you won't be able to beat the warranty we present at BathEmpire. Our brushed steel pull out taps will be handed to you with a free ten-year warranty included. This guarantees your peace of mind (and your wallet) for the next decade and beyond.

If you encounter any wrinkles in your order, go to your phone or your computer and fire off an email or log on to BathEmpire for our live chat area to get an amiable and wise member of our customer services team online with you instantly.