Baths Buying Guide

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Caster II Freestanding Bath Mixer Tap with Hand Held Shower Head

Where do you start when buying a new bath tub? Straight, shower, round, square, rail or no rail?

There are so many options for something so ostensibly simple that it can be overwhelming. But help is at hand.

Read this guide to find out the finer details about our vast range of baths.

Modern Freestanding Baths

Our range of modern freestanding baths is designed to be the showstopper in your new bathroom.

These baths range from 1500mm to 1800mm in length and the styles are round or square with a distinctively angular or curvaceous design. An essential companion of these baths is a freestanding bath tap, which will complete the look of spare luxury.

Roll Top Bath - Victoria Traditional with Ball Feet - 1700mm

 Roll Top Bath - Victoria Traditional with Ball Feet - 1700mm

Roll Top Bath - Victoria Traditional with Ball Feet - 1700mm

Traditional Roll Top Baths

We stock an extensive range of traditional roll top baths in small or large sizes.

We also have a range of ball, dragon and modern feet to help elevate your bathtub. To add a modern twist, you can choose from light oak, dark oak or modern feet.

The flat top baths, as the name suggests, are completely level. They perfectly equip any choice of traditional bath tap or shower bath tap.

The slipper baths are characterised by a heightened edge and manufactured for comfort, the long backrest the perfect support for getting in another chapter while soaking away. These baths are also available in a timeless black design.

The double slipper baths are those where both the edges are heightened. These build upon the design of the single slipper bath and provide a more commanding presence. They are only available in a large size.

Traditional baths, taps or any freestanding taps are well suited to this style of bath.

Small Bathroom Ideas – Shower and Straight Baths

At BathEmpire, we offer two styles of shower bath – the L-shaped bath and the P-shaped bath. These refer to the shower enclosure area of the tub.

With the main end wider than the other, these bathtubs offer you a spacious shower without the need for a separate shower enclosure. With this option you are also able to fill up your bathtub.

A range of taps would go well with this style of bathtub. This includes bath shower mixers, bath mixer taps, and even individual bath taps.

1500mm - P-Shaped Bath with Screen, Rail & Side Panel - Right Hand (Excludes end panel)

Square Single Ended Bath - 1500x700x550mm

Straight baths are identical to shower baths, but simply do not have the extra showering space. Our range covers distinctly curved or square styles. These can be converted to shower baths with the purchase of a bath shower screen. Any contemporary bath tap would be suited to these bathtubs.

Please be aware that for both straight and shower baths, unless the bathtub will be running from wall to wall, you will need to purchase a bath end panel.