Cool to Touch Shower Technology

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This year, Houzz has reported ‘clever water control’ as a major bathroom and shower trend that enhances your experience from old fashioned taps and faucets to something a bit more striking and contemporary.

The technical team, here at BathEmpire, has taken this trend on board and added an extra special touch to it. This is presented in the form of our Cool Touch safety feature that does not allow your thermostatic shower valve or shower kit to get any hotter than 42 degrees Celsius.

This protects you and your family against any scalding or discomfort, especially useful for the children. Take a look at the handy infographic below to find out more about how this safety feature works.

BathEmpire Presents Cool Touch Shower Technology

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 BathEmpire Presents Cool Touch Shower Technology
Courtesy of: BathEmpire

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