Shower Kits

Vast Selection of Shower Kits

At BathEmpire, we stock a variety of shower kits. These include contemporary, traditional, concealed, exposed, bar mixer and bath filler bar mixer shower kits.

Our contemporary shower kits feature a variety of different shower heads, shower arms, valves and rails to provide you with a minimal, modern charm in your bathroom. As well as that, it may also be worth taking a look at our complete set of shower trays if you are looking to add any of our shower enclosures with the kit.

As with the majority of our shower kits, these are triple-coated in chrome for a gleaming metal finish that adds sophistication and shine to your bathroom. The range of traditional shower kits we stock adds a classic charm to your bathroom and is similarly formulated from a solid brass core.

Variety of Styles

Our concealed shower kits are ideal for adding a contemporary touch to your room and keeping your shower enclosure uncluttered, as there will be no pipes on show. On the other hand, our exposed shower kits add a slightly vintage look to your bathroom, with the elongated rail that holds up the shower, as well as the bar valves.


If you wish to experience the power of a shower, as well as use your bath taps to fill up your tub in a flash, you can opt for one of our bath shower mixer kits. These go hand in hand with our vast selection of straight, P shaped and L shaped shower baths.

Security on Shower Kits

All our shower kits and shower enclosures come with a ten year warranty provided to you at no additional cost. This covers our shower kits against any manufacturing faults that may occur. However, it is important to bear in mind that on some of our modern shower kits the mixer valve is covered by a four year manufacturer's warranty.

The handheld is covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty. Lastly, the rail is covered by a separate two year manufacturer's warranty. On some of our traditional shower kits, the mixer cartridges are covered by a separate one year manufacturer's warranty.