We're rated excellent 8.6 / 10

We're rated excellent 8.6 / 10

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Straight Baths

Practicality Integrated With Style

Despite the convenience and ease of the shower, it is always nice to relax and unwind in a luxurious bath and if space is an issue, a straight bath suite provides you with a practical option. However, there is no need to limit your options by wondering whether to go for that elegant roll top bath or an invigorating wet room shower enclosure.

Robust Acrylic Straight Baths

At BathEmpire, when you buy a straight shower bath, you buy it knowing you have got the best. We make our baths from thick, strong acrylic, including three layers each of fibreglass and resin to ensure immense strength.

Choose Your Favourite Tap

We have a variety of options that differ in terms of the shape within the straight bath, as well as the size of the straight bath. Depending on your preference, you can mount a bath tap to the centre of the straight bath to leave both ends empty for you to rest your head on when you are taking a luxurious bath. If not, you can add a mixer tap with hand held shower to the end of the bath.


Customise Your Straight Bath

Getting your straight bath from us means you get a number of extra features that help you make the most of your bathroom suite, providing you with convenience. Our straight shower baths come in a variety of sizes, for starters, and due to being a straight shower bath you can buy one of our modern shower sets to increase the functionality of your bathroom.

We also stock double ended straight shower baths, meaning you can recline at either end, and this allows you to select your preferred fitting design choices. This is because we do not pre-drill tap holes on our shower baths, so you have complete control over whether you situate them on the end or in the middle of your straight shower bath.

Guaranteed to Last

We know our straight shower baths will last, due to the excellent materials and manufacturing process we use. This is why we have backed up all our straight baths with a warranty that will last you for the next ten years to come.