Wimbledon-Inspired Strawberry & Cream Bathroom Face Mask

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With Wimbledon just around the corner and ‘Strawberries and Cream’ being the perfect accompaniment to the game, we have put a selection of strawberry-inspired face-masks for all you bathroom lovers out there to pamper yourselves with.

After being out in the sun all day and enjoying tons of champagne and Pimm’s, your skin can take a bit of a battering. We aim to provide you with ways to look youthful throughout the highs and lows of the game.

The tasty facemasks below guarantee to do just that by rescuing, rejuvenating and retaining your beauty during the scorching hot summer months to make sure that you are the fairest of them all.

Hydrate with Strawberries and Cream

Whip Up a Wonder Mask for Wimbledon

1. Hydrate your Skin with an Easy Mix Strawberry Face Mask

All you need is 2/3 squashed up strawberries, a tablespoon of fresh cream and a teaspoon of honey. Mash up the strawberries together using the back of a fork and whip up all the ingredients together in a small mixing bowl.

Apply the mixture to the face and neck and leave it on for as long as possible or until it is all dry. Rinse off with warm water to get every bit of the mixture off, including below your face. End with a burst of cold water to close up the pores.

2. Strawberry Scrub that’s Good Enough to Eat

Our second favourite face mask is an exfoliating treat that will leave your face feeling refreshed and revived if you’re busy sweating it out in the summer sun. The key ingredient to this magic potion is the honey, which acts as a gentle exfoliator and moisturiser to work alongside the strawberries.

Raw honey is best as processed honey may irritate sensitive skin and always do a patch test beforehand. All you need to do is squash up the strawberries with the leaves left on for added coarseness. This helps scrub of any dead skin and leave you looking glowing and radiant.

Combine 2-3 squashed strawberries with the honey to create an extra smooth paste. Massage your face in the delicious paste for two minutes and leave on for fifteen minutes before gently rinsing off with warm water.

Strawberry Scrub that’s Good Enough to Eat

Whip Up a Wonder Mask for Wimbledon

3. Strawberries with Lemon

To keep your skin looking radiant and fresh, yet oil-free, use this magic mix of 8 – 9 fresh strawberries, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of oil (olive oil, jojoba, grapeseed or sweet almond) and a few drops of fresh lemon juice.

Squash up all the strawberries in a bowl and stir in the honey, oil and lemon juice until the mixture has been blended in together well. Apply it to your face and leave on for five minutes.

Wash it off and pat dry. Then cleanse using your favourite toner followed by your most-loved moisturiser. Voila – herein lies the ideal equation for Wimbledon summertime pampering!

For more luxurious DIY lotions and potions, get over to our Scrumptious Scrubs album on Pinterest and keep your skin glowing and radiant throughout the Wimbledon season.

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