Bathroom Trends for 2016 – Zoning & Coloured Grout

Sian Astley

Psst… Want to know what’s trending in 2016?

We’re really excited about a seriously stylish addition to our team.  Top interior designer Sian Astley is on board to share a series of video tips to get you bang on trend in 2016!

Planning the perfect bathroom is all about building in your own personality and style, and in the first of her videos Sian is recommending a splash of colour. No more boring bathrooms!

Trust us, in 2016 the trend will be vibrancy plus colour. And that’s just as well because Sian never bought into the beige years (did any of us?!).

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Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful bathroom on a budget on something more overtly opulent, you will love the idea of being right where the action is.  So if you’re just a little short of inspiration, see what Sian has to say about the developing trend for personality and pattern in our homes – and be proud of that bathroom!

Not that we’re dissing monochrome. White suites always add a touch of class, and Sian has a cunning plan that conjures up monochrome magic thanks to some sumptuous suggestions of floor patterns that will make your bewitching bathroom stand out.

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune – it will just look like it did!

Sian’s top tips guide you gently through the process of designing a classic look that is totally “you” or something with an entirely different funky family feel. You choose!

So yes, adding colour to your sanctuary can work brilliantly, but don’t take our word for it – let Sian do the talking and provide the spark for your new-look bathroom.  Now prepare to get into “the zone” – watch the video and you’ll see what we mean ;)


As an interior designer who never really bought into the beige years, I’m utterly delighted by the developing trend for personality and pattern in our homes and more pertinently, our bathrooms. Most people, probably wisely, opt for white suites but there’s absolutely no reason not to add vibrancy and colour elsewhere, if you fancy. Here are top tips:

Monochrome can be magical and the interplay between deep charcoal greys and white is always stunning. Zoning floors is a hot new trend for 2016 and in this bathroom I’ve used a dark wood effect luxury vinyl tile as a deep border with a gorgeous patterned internal feature mat called Parquet in front of the bath. (100). It doesn’t detract from the bath, which is the star of the room, but highlights and emphasises it.

Zoning tiled areas also works brilliantly, rather than simply tiling everywhere. I’ve played with the metros here by only taking them to waist height and also by using a deep grey grout to add drama and show off the shape of the tiles. I love this look, classic yet contemporary.

In this second bathroom I’ve zoned the perimeter area under the suite using a fabulous blue brick tile, then added fun for a family bathroom with a central floral but not too feminine feature.

Adding some colour to your sanctuary can work brilliantly when it’s carried through the design. For a classic look I’ve used white grout here but why not try creating an interesting backdrop using a coloured grout, giving a funky feel. I’ve added colour with a pale blue wall wash.

So, try zoning your floor or tiles to reflect your personality and style, and play with colours for tiles and grout to give individual effects – bathrooms needn’t be boring!

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