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What's so great about solid brass?

Solid brass will ensure a long life for your:

Corrosion free

All BathEmpire showers and taps are made from solid brass, because this metal is exceptionally good at resisting corrosion in water.

Brass is also good when used in high water temperatures, hence it's use in water boiler systems.


Breakages Guarantee

Another benefit of brass is that it responds very well to chrome plating.

We want you to be impressed with the finish of your BathEmpire products, so choosing the right metal to chrome plate is an essential part of the process.

Brass is available in a number of weights. We chose a high weight of brass because this produces a better chrome finish. The difference can be seen in the reflection. Heavier brass results in a noticeably sharper reflection that you will love..

More details

If you would like more details on the brass we use, please contact a member of our team.