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    Fast Flow Shower Tray Waste
    Shower Tray Waste - Fast Flow
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    • 10 Year Warranty
    • Container to collect organic waste
    • Chrome plated cover
    • Wide pipe drains water away with speed
    • Compatible with all of our shower trays
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    Superb Functionality

    When you purchase your perfect shower tray from us, it is important not to overlook the key accessory. You have a choice of several shower trays, here at BathEmpire that are lightweight, easy to handle and extremely secure. This necessary component adds a seductive twinkle to your brand new shower.

    They also operate exceptionally by allowing waste water to be drained away rapidly. The shower waste tends to be much simpler than the other wastes we have discussed in relation to baths and toilet and basin accessories. The beauty about the fast flow shower tray waste we provide you with is that you would not want to seal up the drain while you're in the shower.

    Extremely Handy

    This is why the shower waste is formed of a pipe with a 'trap' section to avoid you losing your rings down the plug and any other 'organic grime' that would cause blockages. Further to that, the shower waste has been embedded with specially engineered 'fast flow' pipes, which have a greater bore to allow for the heavier water flow power showers provide.

    At BathEmpire, our fast flow shower tray waste is adaptable with all of the shower trays we provide you with. It comes with a container to collect organic waste and can be installed at an angle in order to allow the water to flow better and get rid of your waste quicker. In case you own a shower bath, you can take a browse through our selection of bath wastes.

    Decade of Protection

    The shower waste comes with a chrome plated cover and includes wide pipe drains to water away with speed. Added to all these advantages and superb functionality offered by our shower waste, the item is protected against any manufacturing faults. This protection covers the shower waste for the next ten years and is provided to you for absolutely free.