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"At BathEmpire, we have strive to source high quality products at competitive prices. We have not sacrificed on quality or style at any stage of the journey."

We work closely with our designers and manufacturers to strive for the very best product style, durability and ease of installation.

We gain inspiration from a variety of bathroom design ideas and trends to ensure your bathroom looks great as well as being practical.

We establish project goals at the start of every design phase and start by producing a collection of sketches that bring out the best features of our new products. These are frequently discussed and amended before passing them on to our engineers.

At this final stage, the strongest and most durable method of manufacture is applied.


Gravity Die Casting

This involves compressing liquid brass into a single mould. Where possible, we make all the products using a single casting.


Grade A Brass

Our brass has a pure copper content of at least 59% and a lead content which is less than 2% of the total. The high copper content is to ensure impressive rust resistance.



Once assembled and coated, each radiator is inspected by hand. Any imperfection spotted with the radiator means that it will be rejected.


Cutting-Edge Style

Our bathroom supplies are at the forefront of state-of-art design. You can rest assured that our Nuneaton HQ will remain a hub of quality and innovation.