Bathroom Upgrades for Father’s Day

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bathroom suites

There are a few rooms in the home where functionality perhaps takes precedence over style. The kitchen is one, while the other one that immediately springs to mind is the bathroom. 

The thing is, designers and manufacturers such as ourselves have worked extremely hard to marry these two seemingly opposing qualities all over the home, and these rooms have benefited too.

Now, my main perspectives are of course on bathroom suites – not because I am inherently grimy or anything – but because I spend the majority of my working life in the bathroom industry. This has not necessarily left me feeling flush, mind (sorry).

Take a look at the following bathroom upgrades

It does mean, however, that I have picked up some interesting design ideas you can use to modernise your bathroom suites and help kick-start a DIY project with your Dad this father’s day…

Electric Reflecting

Mirrors are a bathroom staple, whether it’s for going against the de rigueur beards of the moment with a smoothing shave or keeping a close eye on those muscles. The thing is, they are just standard sheets of reflective glass aren’t they?

Portel Close Coupled Toilet and Semi-Pedestal Basin Set

Bathroom Suites
Seabrook Illuminated Backlit Mirror Cabinet 520x670mm

Well, yeah, but you can fix them up by going for an illuminated mirror, which not only look bright but also feature exciting and useful demister pads for a totally clean surface.

Function & Style

Radiators are the most functional of the functional, warming metallic units that are usually rolled out to be simply fit for purpose. This has changed in recent times with designer class brought to bear. This is everything from horizontal radiators in glorious gleaming chrome to slimline vertical radiators with attractive dark gloss finishes. Don’t settle for drab radiators and towel rails – bring your Dad into the 21st century and get him something a little different.

Clean Easy, Slide Away

This one is less about fussy technology and more about straight-up looks. I think sliding shower doors are great looking, useful units, but I’m even more convinced that EasyClean sliding shower enclosures are among the best you can get. This is because EasyClean glass takes the grunt out of scrubbing your bathroom, breaking down organic dirt while the pane is in natural light. I don’t know about you, but less backbreaking elbow grease is a real upgrade, if you ask me…

Power in the Shower

There are a few things regarding the shower that have now moved past the window and receded on this metaphorical journey I have just invented: body jets, electric showers and ultramodern minimalist enclosures all spring to mind.

Bathroom Suites
1000x800mm EasyClean Sliding Door Corner Shower Enclosure – 8mm Glass – Premium Range

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The next thing for me are shower cabins, self-enclosed shower enclosures whose valves and walls look more like the control deck of an airliner. I have seen shower units that have LCD screens, radios, ports for MP3 players and an array of angled, focused massage jets. They cost the same as a small family home, yes, but still, they really are great.

However, if you’re deciding to stick to a more realistic budget, try a concealed kit. The modern and stylish shower kit gives off a look of elegance as the pipework remains hidden behind a gleaming plate, perfect for those looking to add some modern design to their bathroom.

So roll up your sleeves and give a helping hand this Father’s Day to kick start that bathroom DIY project that you’ve been putting off since last winter.

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