Black Column Radiators

Black Radiators

While white and chrome have often been the go-to, 'safe' option when it comes to what's heating your home, a lot of people prefer something a little more muted, a little more unique. This is where our black radiators come in, offering a streak of cool darkness in your bathroom or living space.

That is to merely address the exterior of our black radiator range, however, when inside is just as important. Our frames are made of high grade steel, which has a low carbon content. This is used as it provides our black radiators with exactly the qualities we want: namely, resilience against corrosion and lightweight strength. This leads to a longer-lasting radiator, which only benefits you.

Black Radiators - Design & Finish

The black finish itself is a high quality gloss, which not only looks great but forms a tough exterior barrier for the frame that stands up well to knocks and scrapes.

Another thing we like to do with regards to our black radiators is offer you as much choice as possible.


Black Radiator - Cover

This is why we have a vertical and horizontal black radiator range, the former offering a contemporary design statement as it stretches up your wall. These ranges can also be broken down into a variety of different dimensions and outputs, so you can be assured you are getting exactly what you want.

To prevent you having to fret about fixing or replacing faulty black radiators we give you a free 10 year warranty when you buy your black radiator from us. This is given without any reservation whatsoever, as we know we have the very best quality black radiators around.

BathEmpire Guarantees

Order now online or over the phone to get Free or Next Day Delivery on your black radiators. Call our dedicated Customer Care team on our free phone lines here to deal with any product or payment enquiry you may have. We are available 7 days a week at 8:30am-9pm Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-5:30pm Friday and 9am-5:30pm at the weekends for your convenience. When you buy a black radiator from BathEmpire, you receive a huge 10 Year Warranty for your peace of mind. Look no further for your perfect black radiators!