Toilets & Basins

Upscale Toilets and Basins

Our incredible assortment of toilets and basins will leave you wanting more. With the high quality of toilet and basin sets that we supply, you will not want to go elsewhere. Our ceramic bathroom suites are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications, which ensures that they will last a long time.

We use only the very best materials on our ceramic sinks and toilets. For example, on our basins and toilets we use white vitreous China. This is a tough yet attractive substance that resists knocks and damage and presents you with a clean white aspect that enhances the brightness of your bathroom.

Superb Functionality

Design is not all we focus on when it comes to our toilets and basins, here at BathEmpire. Our toilets are a prime example of how we try to integrate form and function in everything we produce. This is because the toilets that come as part of our ceramic toilets and basins save you money.

This is because they have dual flush technology, allowing for a three or six litre flush which cuts down on water wastage and, as a knock-on effect, slightly reduces your water bill.


Select Your Theme

Whatever theme you have got in mind for your bathroom, we have the suite to match it. Our Victoria and Windsor toilet and basins suites present a more classic, vintage design. On the other hand, our Ladoga and Belfort lines represent a more fluid, contemporary design.

Ten Years of Assurance

As with all our products, when you buy toilets and basins from us you get ten years of peace of mind. This is because when you obtain ceramic toilets and basins from us you also receive a ten year guarantee to protect you against any manufacturing faults for absolutely free.

This means that you can rest easy knowing that you will never have to go the hassle of replacing your ceramic sinks and toilets or any other part of your package.