Designer Column Radiators - By Finish

Vertical Radiators

Searching for a distinctive design feature for your modern bathroom? Look no further than our range of stylish, long lasting column radiators at BathEmpire, where we don't just design things to look good but last, too.

We are able to back this statement up because we utilise the very best manufacturing processes and materials. For example, our vertical radiator frames are fabricated from steel, which provides a sturdy, hardwearing structure.

These are then coated in a thick layer of powder or chrome to give your column radiator an impressively scratch-resistant and long-lasting finish that provides a strong resistance to rust. This eliminates any worries you might have about having to repair or replace your tall radiators any time soon.

Vertical Radiators - Design

At BathEmpire, we have purposely designed our range of vertical radiators to ensure they can merge seamlessly with the overall decorative theme of your room. Our Callaghan line, for instance, presents a clean, white facade that deepens the space in the room, whereas our Fuego panel tall radiators have a sleek, black finish that complements a minimalist, contemporary room.


Tall Radiators - Sizes

We have not just worked to give you the design you want, but also the size. Our tall radiators come in single-panel, 1600 x 240mm models, for the smaller rooms, and scale all the way up to 1600 x 480mm, 16-column radiators that are the perfect choice to heat large, open areas.

Column Radiators - A Decade of Cover

Need more reassurance about the level of quality we offer? Well, when you buy vertical radiators from us you receive a free 10 Year Warranty as standard. This in one fell swoop eliminates any worries you might have about having to go to your pocket to repair or replace your tall radiators any time soon.

BathEmpire Guarantees

Order now online or over the phone to get Free or Next Day Delivery on your vertical radiators. Call our dedicated Customer Care team on our free phone lines here to deal with any product or payment enquiry you may have. We are available 7 days a week at 8:30am-9pm Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-5:30pm Friday, 9am-5:30pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday for your convenience. When you buy vertical radiators from BathEmpire, you receive a huge 10 Year Warranty for your peace of mind. Look no further for your perfect tall radiators!