Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps

Anyone who knows anything about design will know that the small things can make the biggest impact. For example, a beautiful bathroom suite will look good by itself, but the finishing touches of some of our popular bathroom taps really set off the overall look.

Aside from attractive design, we go out of our way for you at BathEmpire by sourcing the very best materials with which to construct our taps. Each bathroom tap is formed of solid brass, selected for its durability and its resistance to rust. This is then coated with a mirror finish layer of chrome plating, sufficiently thick to help protect your bathroom taps from knocks and damage while simultaneously giving a bright, gleaming look to your bathroom or cloakroom.

Bathroom Taps - Ceramic Disc Technology

Our bathroom taps have a few extra features that set them apart from other, inferior taps. One good example of this is the drip free ceramic disc technology on our modern ranges.

This has been brought in to replace the outdated and inefficient use of rubber washers. The ceramic discs on our modern bathroom taps mean you not only get the ease of a simple quarter turn to switch off the tap but the discs last far, far longer than rubber washers, which degrade easily and cause dripping. This is not to mention the money you could save when you eliminated water wastage from dripping bathroom taps.


To help make installation easy for you when you buy from us, all our bathroom taps use British standard fittings.

Bathroom Taps - Warranty

It is all well and good us talking about the excellence of our bathroom sink taps, but you might like some more proof. Well, every bathroom tap of ours at BathEmpire is covered by our fantastic 10 Year Warranty. Extending our protection over such a long time is our way of demonstrating to you just how confident we are of the high quality and longevity of our products. Don't settle for mediocre items elsewhere, as when you buy from us you get the best bathroom taps and extensive peace of mind in one fell swoop.

BathEmpire Guarantees

Order now online or over the phone to get Free or Next Day Delivery on your bathroom sink taps. Call our dedicated Customer Care team on our free phone lines here to deal with any product or payment enquiry you may have. We are available 7 days a week at 8:30am-9pm Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-5:30pm Friday and 9am-5:30pm at the weekends for your convenience. When you buy bathroom taps from BathEmpire, you receive a huge 10 Year Warranty for your peace of mind. Look no further for your perfect bathroom taps!