Shower Trays

Shower Trays

Choose from a wide range of modern, hardwearing shower trays at BathEmpire that are built to last you a lifetime.

We can make this claim on our shower trays as we have sought out and use only the very best materials. All shower tray sizes, from large shower trays to smaller models, is formed of a solid stone resin base, which is then topped with attractive ABS capped acrylic to ensure a smooth finish.

We guarantee quality in everything we produce, and our large shower trays are no different. We subject each shower tray to a 200 kilogram endurance test to prove it can withstand the rigours of years of use.


Shower Trays - Designs

We offer, through our three fully-stocked warehouses, an extensive range of small and large shower tray designs. These include our quadrant shower trays, offset quadrant shower trays, square shower trays and rectangular shower trays.

Shower Tray Sizes - Options

We have designed a variety of shower tray sizes, with the small shower trays going through precisely the same exacting production process as the large shower trays. All our shower tray components feature British standard fittings to ensure the easiest of installations.

To back our confidence in our high quality products we give a free 10 Year Warranty on every shower tray we produce.

BathEmpire Guarantees

Order now online or over the phone to get Free or Next Day Delivery on Large shower trays. Call our dedicated Customer Care team on our free phone lines here to deal with any product or payment enquiry you may have. We are available 7 days a week at 8:30am-9pm Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-5:30pm Friday, 9am-5:30pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday for your convenience. When you buy a shower tray from BathEmpire, you receive a huge 10 Year Warranty for your peace of mind. Look no further for your perfect shower trays!