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What's so special about your shower mixer?

We've completely re-designed our shower mixer, making it the most advanced we've ever sold. Made specifically for UK homes.

Low Pressure Systems

It's very common for a lot of non UK showers to only have 1/2 inch connectors, which is fine if they are to be used with a high pressure system. But if you are one of the millions of UK residents that use a Gravity feed system with a water tank in the loft, this is no good for you.

Our mixer uses 3/4 inch connectors and an extra large thermostatic valve which removes the need for high water pressure. Now the only time you would require a high pressure system is if you wanted to fit body jets.

Keep Plumbing Costs Down

It's been a UK standard for a number of decades now that all hot pipes should be on the left.

If your mixer is set to work the other way round you will still be able to use it. However, it will take your plumber longer to fit it.

Easily Fitted to Exterior Walls

It's very common for showers in UK homes to be fitted to exterior walls.

Without the ability to screw the mixer directly to the wall, many showers require you to fit them from behind. If you do need to fit your shower to the exterior wall there is simply no way this can be done.

The BathEmpire mixer features 2 drill holes that allow you to fix the unit directly to either an interior or exterior wall. Making this a much quicker and easier mixer to fit.

Accommodate Both Plaster Board and Tiles

We've noticed that many cheaper shower mixers only offer the narrowest of threads. In many cases this simply isn't enough to fit both plaster board and a tile.

When designing our mixer we insisted that the thread be significantly longer, making this issue completely go away.

Superior Reflection

One thing that isn't always understood about chrome is that the end result often varies depending the quality of the metal it is adhered to.

The brass used in the BathEmpire mixer is one of the highest grade available. When coated in chrome this creates a sharper, less warped reflection, that is another sign of quality.

Eliminates Welded Weak Points

One detail we were absolutely clear on before designing our mixer is that the body had to be made from a single piece of brass.

Welding multiple pieces together creates weak points that can cause problems as the unit ages.

The BathEmpire mixer is made from a single mould, which is a much more expensive and lengthy process, but we are sure that our customers will be appreciate the extra care.

Parts Easy To Replace

At some point you may need to replace one of your mixer cartridges. Often this will mean you will have to remove the entire mixer.

All of the cartridges on the BathEmpire mixer can be easily unscrewed, whilst the unit is still plumbed in.

Cleaner Looking Shower

Because of the way a number of other mixers are manufactured is often required that washers are placed around the controls. The problem with washers is that they won't last as longer as a shower and over time will become brittle and flaky.

Luckily because of the way the BathEmpire mixer is assembled and fits tightly together, there is no need for washers, which creates a much cleaner finish that we are sure our customer will enjoy.

More details

If you would like more details about the BathEmpire shower mixer, please contact a member of our team.