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What is thermostatic?

A thermostatic valve allows you to accurately set the temperature of your:

No more scalding showers

How often have you been enjoying a shower, only to have the temperature shoot up as someone in your house flushes a toilet?

With a thermostatic shower valve you set the temperature you desire, the valve will then control the flow of water to make sure the temperature is maintained.

This feature is particularly useful if your shower is used by children or the elderly.

For the perfect bath, every time

Are you one of those people that fills their bath with hot first, then has to top it up with cold at the end?

Or do you try and get the mix right first, only to find you've gone too far and you have to step into a disappointingly cold bath?

Wouldn't it be great to simply set the temperature you want and leave the bath to fill, knowing that when you step in it will be perfect?

That's exactly what you will enjoy with a thermostatic bath tap.

Your bathroom, heated just how you like it

With your towel radiator plumbed into the central heating, the temperature of your bathroom is probably at the mercy of the thermostat in your hall or lounge.

For most of the rooms in your house this will be totally acceptable. But your bathroom radiator spends a fair time covered in towels, which will smother the heat. It's on these occasions that you really need to be able to turn it up.

But then when you take your towels off, your radiator will set about turning your bathroom into a sauna. Now you really need to be able to turn it down.

But all this adjustment is real pain with a regular valve. With a thermostatic valve the hassle is removed, just set the temperature you want and the valve does all the hard work.

More details

If you would like more details on thermostatic valves, please contact a member of our team.