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What is the BSEN442 standard?

The BSEN442 test standard ensures product quality excellence by testing heated towel rails or towel radiators in four main areas.

1: Heats rooms effectively

Radiators are tested in room temperatures to check they are able to not only hold hot water, but also to heat rooms effectively.

2: Prevents leakages

Radiators are required to have a minimum material thickness for all wet surfaces to prevent leakages.

3: Prevents breakdown from pressure

Radiators are tested to prevent breakdown of radiators from bursts or leaks caused by pressure.

4: Prevents corrosion and impact damage

The paint and finish quality is tested to prevent corrosion and create resistance to impact damage.

All towel radiators sold in the UK must comply to the BSEN442 test standard.

More details

If you would like more details on the safety of our towel radiators, please contact a member of our team.