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Bath Panels

Top Quality Bath Panels

At BathEmpire, our bath panels are manufactured to the highest standards to assure you ease of installation. As well as this, the product should last you a lifetime due to the high quality material used to create the bath panels. We have a variety of shower bath suites to choose from, which will fit the style and build of your bath and bathroom perfectly.

Wood Bath Panels

You will not be disappointed if you buy one of our acrylic plastic bath panels. This is because they provide you with a stylish, high gloss solution at a fraction of the cost. We also offer you a variety of styles as you can opt for the wooden bath panels for a more traditional or rustic charm.

These are also quite a durable option that will serve you well. You can install a one of our tightly-sealed bath shower enclosures to stop the wood from getting wet if you take a powerful shower. However, the wood bath panels are coated with protective sealant to avoid any damage occurring from humidity.

White Bath Panels

When you purchase a bath panel from us, you can be confident with the longevity of this bathroom fitting, as they are all backed up by our ten year guarantee.

When purchasing your new bath, take a look at our large range of white bath panels to fit your needs. We offer both shower corner bath panels and straight corner bath panels, so look no further when making your selection. If you need to replace either one part or the other of your shower bath, we even stock separate pieces for your convenience.

The Final Touches

Choose an acrylic or wooden bath panel to fit the front or end of your bath and complete the look of your bathroom. Whether they are acrylic or wooden, our white bath panels all have a fantastic gloss finish. This means that whatever your choice is, you will have the perfect bathroom accessories for your bath.