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Contemporary Basin Taps

Versatile Contemporary Taps

In design terms, it is often overlooked that the smallest, most unobtrusive things can add that perfect finishing flourish to any of our contemporary bathroom suites. Our contemporary basin taps are a prime example of this, giving a striking and edgy look to your brand new bathroom.

They come in upscale waterfall designs, as well as regular pillar and mixer tap models. We have matching square taps that you can fit on you brand new contemporary basins, as well as your bath. The modern bath mixer taps come with matching square hand held showers to give your bath a consistent look.

Furthermore, you can buy some complimentary contemporary tap accessories that come in the form of mushroom and flush waste bathroom designs. These would go well with a counter top sink or a built in bathroom vanity unit.

Lasting You a Lifetime

We ensure that these stylish toilet and basin accessories will last you an extremely long time. This is because our contemporary bathroom sink taps are crafted using solid brass cores. This gives them a hardy and robust base that is extremely resistant to rust and other corrosive elements.

To accentuate the stylish looks that make our square taps stand out, we plate them in chrome. This material provides a wonderfully bright mirror finish that enhances the light in your bathroom, lifting the entire room.

Protected Against Leaks

Our contemporary tap models at BathEmpire also have the benefit of our ceramic disc technology. This uses ceramic instead of rubber washers, the latter of which wear out and cause leaks, our durable discs lasting far longer, eliminating headaches and water wastage caused by tap leakages.

Covered for Ten Years

These high quality features that have been added to our contemporary bathroom taps to increase their longevity are sealed with a promise. This comes in our ten year warranty, that is provided to you for absolutely free. It covers your square taps for the next ten years against any manufacturing faults and all you need to do to use it is register your product online with us.