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Pull Out Kitchen Taps

Extendable Tap Hoses

We at BathEmpire like to think that anything can be developed to be made more usable and improved aesthetically as well. This is the reasoning behind our kitchen spray taps, which not only have their standard tap utility but also have extendable hoses. This functionality helps you effortlessly clean corners of your kitchen that may be difficult to access with your tap normally.

Beautiful Reflective Finishes

All our pull-out kitchen taps are made to the meet the highest standards. This is because the core is formed from solid brass, due to its strength and corrosion resistance. After this, the tap is plated with chrome, which provides a light-enhancing mirror finish to our pull-out kitchen spray taps.

No More Leaks

An innovative design feature that we have added to our pull out kitchen spray taps is the ceramic disc technology. This helps avoid any unnecessary dripping that may occur. This technology substitutes the outdated rubber washers used by others, which tend to leak.


Our ceramic discs last much longer and eliminate all leaking, meaning you save money on your water bill in the long run. To make installing your BathEmpire kitchen pull out taps as easy as possible we supply our kitchen spray taps with all the correct fittings, including hoses and washers.

Furthermore, all our kitchen pull-out taps have components that use British standard fittings. What that means is more time spent using your brand new pull out kitchen tap and less time spent fidgeting with your toolbox. For even more special offers on our kitchen taps, you can take a look at our bathroom sale section.

Guaranteed to Last

You should also be aware that our entire range of kitchen spray taps comes with a free ten year warranty, provided when you buy from us. This is a whole decade of peace of mind for no extra outlay. This will take away the expense and hassle of having to repair or replace our spray taps for what is a significant amount of time.