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Silver Vertical Radiators

Apply to a Neutral Colour Scheme

Our range of silver oval tube radiators gives you a brighter and more frosty-looking take on the anthracite and chrome versions. They mainly come in oval tube designs and add a breezy, neutral touch to your living space, blending in well with pastel or subtle sea blue colour schemes.

You can obtain the silver vertical radiators in a range of sizes, whether you need a wide one for a larger room or a slim and slender one for a small bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom. You can also get them in a single or double row of tubes, so that if you prefer the slender look, you can still get the optimum amount of heat that you would require.

Rigorous Testing Techniques

The premium range of silver vertical radiators is manufactured from high grade low carbon steel and topped off in a smooth and sleek gloss silver lacquer. Further to that, the trend-setting ranges of silver vertical radiators have all been tested to BS EN 442 standards and comply with ISO9001:2008 regulations.

They have undergone stringent testing processes, as they have been safety tested at 10 bar pressure. This is way above the regular pressure in your home, as this will normally be well under 11 bar. They have also been 100% leak tested and are compatible with all UK heating systems that are tank fed or combination.

Compatible with Most Heating Systems

The silver vertical radiators can be fitted to your central heating system, as long as it has been treated with a corrosion inhibitor. Any qualified plumber can help you to deduce whether your central heating system has been treated by this or not.

The silver vertical radiator kit comes complete with the radiator itself, wall brackets, a blanking plug, an air vent plug. It however does not include the angled valves it would need, as we have a variety of options of these for you to choose from.