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Contemporary Shower Kits

Modern and Practical Shower Kits

When it comes to the morning rush, there's nothing like a good shower. Not only are they great for waking you up but they are incredibly convenient and save you a lot of time during the pre-work routine. Our modern shower kits are the perfect way to start the day and come in a number of contemporary designs to suit any stylish bathroom theme.

Our fantastic modern shower kits feature all manner of shower heads, shower arms, valves and rails to give you everything you need to feature the shower of your dreams in your brand new bathroom.

We have modern shower kits made from a number of different materials in our collection. Many have a core of solid brass, making them extremely resistant to rust so you know they will last for years to come. The next step in the manufacturing process sees them triple-coated with chrome for that gleaming finish that adds a shine to any bathroom.

Seductive Design

Whether you are after a round shower head fastened to the wall or a square design descending from the ceiling, our modern shower kits range contains most designs. We have exposed kits with handheld shower heads or if you feel "less is more" our stylish concealed shower kit range will look stunning on your bathroom wall.

If you really want an innovative shower kit that will leave your bathroom looking fresh and revived, have a glance at our 300 mm shower heads. This shower head will have you feeling as though you are taking a shower under Niagara Falls. The extraordinarily large shower head is guaranteed to be at the centre of conversation with your family and friends.

Solid and Secure Shower Features

There are other items in our collection of modern shower kits that make showering safer, such as our thermostatic mixer valves. These useful bits of kit blend hot and cold water to provide a constant water temperature. They also have an anti-scalding device built in which prevents water exceeding 38°C going through the valve for your protection.