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Shower Pumps

Intensify Your Shower Experience

Showers are a key feature of any bathroom and the type of water system you have within your home is important for this experience. It may be that you can only install certain styles of shower accessories depending on the water system your house contains. For instance, you may end up installing a specialist power shower head that gives off only a weak dribble.

If you opt for one of our high quality Salamander pumps, you will be able to take pleasure of invigorating pressure in your brand new bathroom. Our top quality shower pumps provide you with a simple solution. Robust and powerful, we only stock twin shower pump models.

Prestigious Salamander Pumps

These feed both hot and cold water, and are thus perfect for supplying showers and mixers. You can also rest easy that you are getting the real deal, as Salamander is a global name for top-class shower pumps. It is worth noting that these pumps will be required if you have a gravity fed system and they do not already have on it place.

Select Your Water Pressure

We have a range of shower pumps to fit your precise needs as well, with variable AV coupler connections, to suit your system. These also provide you with a continuous supply rating so there is a smooth operation. Our shower pump power ratings start at 1.5 bar and scale all the way up to 3 bar. This means that whatever the force you require, we have a twin impeller shower pump to supply it.For more, please view our complete range of bathroom accessories.

Ten Year Free Guarantee

Twin pumps are far better as they are more suitable for full house systems. In order to provide you with complete confidence that our robust shower pumps meet the highest standards, we have added a supplementary ten year cover to them for absolutely free. This protection covers you against any manufacturing faults that may occur to your brand new shower pumps.