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Tap Accessories

Diverse Range of Tap Accessories

Our taps accessories consist of our standard basin fixing kit, tap components and bath and basin wastes. Our wastes come in a variety of designs depending upon the nature of your bath or sink.

Basin & Bath Waste

The wastes we provide are ideal for most bathroom sinks and baths. All our basin and bath wastes are manufactured from sturdy brass cores and plated in a topping of reflective chrome. Our basin wastes come in slotted or unslotted styles, which depends on whether your new unit contains an overflow or not.

Tap Components

Apart from this fantastic range of bathroom wastes, we also stock other bathroom accessories such as two deck mounted tap pillars to allow you to fit wall mounted taps to your sink, as well as a selection of fundamental shower accessories if you would require some. Further to that, we also offer you a basin fixing kit to help you easily install your brand new basin and taps.


Variety of Wastes

Slotted wastes are ideal for units with an overflow and the opposite applies for unslotted wastes. An overflow is a type of extra drainage functionality that helps control the excess build-up of water. We stock a diverse range of basin and bath waste, including plug and chain, push button, pop up, showers and bottle trap waste.

The plug and chain waste is a simple plug that is inserted into your basin or bath to stop water flowing outwards. The push button waste is designed more stylishly with a spring loaded waste, which you can push to block any water from escaping or push it again to allow the water to exit.

The pop up bathroom wastes use a lever to push the plug up and allow the water to escape. The opposite of this will seal the basin or bath to keep the water it. The shower wastes are composed of a pipe with trap to help stop any blockages occurring. Last but not least, the bottle traps include two pipes that run into each other at right angles to seal the water and create a trap.