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Bi Fold Shower Enclosures

Effectively Utilise Your Alcove or Corner Space

Bi fold shower enclosures are a great, space-saving bathroom fitting to install in your latest remodelling project. Our bi fold shower doors can be fitted to a shower cubicle in an alcove or in a corner and open inwards. This reduces the amount of space needed whilst still providing you with a sufficient area in which you can enjoy a revitalising shower.

If choose one of our bi fold shower doors, you will be sure to gain a product that will last you for longer than you can imagine. Our bi fold shower doors are constructed with a sturdy aluminium frame. This sturdy material is then given a high polish to provide an attractive, gleaming finish.

Superior Standards of Safety

We only use tempered safety glass when it comes to our bi fold shower enclosure. This material conforms to BS6206 safety standards on each bi fold shower enclosure doors. The glass is placed within a chrome based frame to alleviate any rattling that may occur with a more flimsy product.

Install With Ease

We add a number of handy features into our bi fold shower doors to enhance their functionality. The reversible nature of the bi fold shower doors increase the flexibility thus allowing you to open them whichever way you prefer.

The bi fold shower enclosures are put through stringent testing to ensure they are fully waterproof before leaving the factory. We engineer all our bi fold shower enclosures to feature a built in 20 mm adjustment in the frame. This way, when installing your bi fold shower door you do not have to fill in any gaps with unsightly amounts of sealant and you can achieve an attractive, seamless fit instead.

Guaranteed to Last

We do not overlook the finer details either. For example, the frame and handles of our bi fold shower doors are coated with mirror-finish chrome. This adds a subtle gleam to brighten up your new bathroom. Furthermore, each bi fold shower enclosure from us at BathEmpire comes complete with our warranty. This is free of charge and lasts for ten years after your purchase.