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Hot & Cold Pillar Taps

Elegant Hot & Cold Taps

Individual hot and cold pillar taps, despite being one of the more dainty fittings of a basin or bath, can have a significant impact on the overall look of your bathroom. As such, we have designed our range of sleek pillar taps to provide you not only with the benefits of longevity but also with an elegant look in mind.

Strong & Resistant Manufacturing

We cast our hot and cold pillar taps using two different materials, which combine to give you a multitude of benefits. The core of our pillar taps is solid brass, chosen due to its strength and corrosion resistance, which is then plated with chrome to provide a mirror-gloss finish that the light dances off.

Wide Selection of Ranges

We have a variety of different basin and bath pillar taps, from more classic, traditional design like the Alamere or Carrington range, through to modern ranges such as the Ivela or Caster II lines. This means that no matter the style of your bathroom, we have the perfect range for you.

Furthermore, there is also a distinction between hot and cold pillar bath taps and hot and cold pillar basin taps. The Rochester range brings a vintage touch to any bath of your choice and allows you to monitor the amount of cold water you are adding to your fresh, hot bath. If you prefer a more modern touch, you can opt for the Caster II bath taps.

Hassle-Free Technology

Our contemporary pillar taps are fitted with our exceedingly useful ceramic disc technology. These discs replace the rubber washers formerly used on tall taps, which would wear out quickly, leading to leaking.

In turn, this saves you money on your water bills as you are significantly reducing the amount of water wasted by your old, loose pillar taps.When you buy these pillar taps from us, you know you will not have to even consider thinking about renewing or repairing them. This is because we give you a free ten year warranty.