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Bath Taps

Sleek and Functional Bath Taps

To add a functional touch to your brand new bathroom suites, browse through our high quality bath taps. We are committed to both looks and performance, so you can be reassured that, when you come to us, you will receive an elegant range of bath taps alongside our versatile selection of baths.

Available in a Number of Styles

No matter whether you prefer the classically styled hot and cold pillar taps or would like a more modern and fully functional integrated bath shower mixer tap with shower handset, our sleek bath taps come in all styles and shaped to meet your requirements.

Stringent Design Processes

We form our taps from solid brass cores, a material chosen for a number of reasons. Firstly, it offers strength and durability, making it resilient to daily use. Secondly, it possesses great corrosion resistance properties, leading to longevity of use.


Contemporary and Traditional Ranges

Our bath taps range is truly vast, encompassing almost any sort of faucet you could want. We have bath mixer taps that can match up to traditional bathroom suites, such as our Victoria II model, all the way to those that are truly modern, such as our Everest water fall tap range.

These bath taps take their inspiration from the spectacular wonder of waterfalls, emulating the wide natural flow of tumbling water. To add to the brass core, we then plate our bath taps in three layers of thick chrome. This not only provides an additional protective barrier to the unit but provides a reflective shine gloss-finish that may enhance the light in your bathroom.

Guaranteed Durability

To back up your bath mixer tap purchase and help you to avoid any hassle in the future, we guarantee the product for you for the next ten years, at no additional cost. This means that when you source your bath taps from us you are getting a decade of peace of mind into the bargain. You will not have to worry about the hassle or expense or repairing your bath mixer taps for that significant amount of time.