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Radiator Accessories

Radiator Valves

We stock a variety of radiator valves, including thermostatic and regular straight and angled options. These need to be fitted to your brand new radiator to help them operate effectively. Furthermore, you will need to select which type of valves you need in accordance with the piping you have in the room you are fitting the radiator in.

Our straight radiator valves are appropriate for piping that stems directly from the floor. On the other hand, the angled radiator valves are ideal for piping that come from the wall. However, it is important to note that the column radiators are only compatible with angled valves.

Enduring Radiator Accessories

Most of our radiator and various other bathroom accessories are manufactured from a strong brass core and then completed with a topping of chrome for a sleek and elegant finish. This material ensures that your radiator fixtures are robust and resistant to any corrosion. Most of them are ensured by our free ten year warranty, which protects them against any manufacturing faults.


Heating Elements

Our heating elements are what you will need to activate the dual fuel functionality on any of our towel radiators. We stock a range of electric elements that you can fit onto your new towel radiator to use it separately from the rest of your central heating system within your bathroom during the summertime.

The radiator elements come in choices of 100W, 300W and 500W, so you can select these depending on the size of your radiator. For instance, our larger radiator, which is 1200 mm in height, would require a 500W electric element. This means that your towel rails will remain fresh all year round. In order to connect this element, you will need a T piece connector that is also available from us.

Our elegant, gleaming chrome pipes are ideal for covering up any current piping work that may look unsightly for a sublime finish.