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Chrome Vertical Radiators

Select Your Style

Our definitive collections of chrome vertical radiators will allow you to install a piece that is sturdy, as well as extremely chic and stylish in your home. This is because we stock them in a variety of styles including flat panels, oval tubes and round tubes. This means you can select your favourite look depending on what look you prefer to portray.

The flat panel style is more subtle and minimalist, whereas the round and oval tubes let you add a more bold and chunky look to the living space you intend to decorate. The chrome vertical radiators are adaptable to a range of living spaces including your bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, corridors or anywhere else you can think off.

Various Dimension Options

You can obtain your preferred style from our range of chrome vertical radiators in either a slim and slender size or a wide one that is more powerful and warms your room up even better. For the most efficiency, you can get two slim or medium sized ones, depending on the dimensions of your room and position them in two different corners for an equal spread of heat.

If you want an accurate indication of the ideal size for your new chrome vertical radiators, you can take a look at our BTU measurement guide, by clicking here. This gives you a thorough guide and indication of the BTU that would be ample for heating up your room.

Long-Lasting Designs

To ensure you gain the maximum quality and longevity when it comes to your chrome vertical radiators, we produce them in low carbon steel and top them off in a glistening chrome lacquer for added reinforcement and striking shine.

The chrome vertical radiator kits come with the radiator itself, wall brackets, a blanking plug and an air vent plug. However, you would need to select your preferred radiator valves separately, as we offer a variety of designs and functionalities that come in the form of our thermostatic options.