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Basin Mixer Taps

Basin Mixer Tap Models

Whatever your style of bathroom, whatever its size and shape, we have the basin mixer taps to make your suite complete. For example, the smooth, clean lines of the Brisbane tap would slide perfectly into a contemporary setup, whereas if you want something more classical the Albany and Kingswood are just the ticket. That glimmering chrome finish is a classic, and is also capable of settling into any style of bathroom you care to put them in.

Bath Mixer Tap Range

There's not much point in a bath without the means to fill it, of course! That's just where our quality bath mixer taps come in, the expansive range - just like the basin mixer taps - taking in the entire spectrum of designs.

For added flexibility, we also supply bath mixer taps with an added shower attachment, meaning you can have a shower in your bath without the need for a separate enclosure that takes up extra space.

Quality Build & Special Features

Longevity is at the core of everything we do at BathEmpire, and thus we source only the very finest and most suitable materials. Our bath mixer taps and basin mixer taps are cast from solid brass bases, with a rich copper content, before being overlaid with a thick, resilient layer of chrome. This not only provides unbeatable resistance to corrosion, but a glittering, glinting finish too.

Atop that we lay three tough layers of beautifully glinting chrome, the layering technique our way of assuring we get the unblemished, burnished finish we desire. This leaves our hot and cold pillar bath taps with an attractively reflective mirror finish.

Ceramic Discs Mean No Leak Risks

One other thing that puts our hot and cold bath pillar taps above and beyond the competition is our use of ceramic washers. These discs - as opposed to rubber rings - do not perish, and thus cut out wasteful and irritating leaks. This can save you both annoyance and money from wasted water.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

One of the things that are central to what we do at BathEmpire is customer service. We try to put ourselves in your shoes and see what you need as a customer when you come to us. We know customer service is vital so we make our team as easy to reach as possible, by phone, through emails and now through our exciting live chat feature. Either way, we'll try and give you the advice you need.

We also reckon a customer would need the reassurance of a decade's warranty, so we make sure our basin mixer taps and our bath mixer taps have just that when they arrive at your door. The kicker is that our warranty is completely free, just another saving when you come to a company as value-conscious as us.