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Walk in Shower Enclosures

Select Your Ideal Wet Room

Wet room shower enclosures have become increasingly popular shower solutions for most contemporary bathrooms. They tend to be a bit more practical than the classic shower enclosures as well. They are easier to jump in and out off and add quite a minimalist touch to your bathroom.

Here at BathEmpire, we supply you with a widespread range of wet room shower screens that will provide you with luxury showering in an instant. The reasonably priced range of wet room shower enclosure gives you a high quality product for less than any flimsy alternative you may find offline.

Constructed With Highly Enduring Materials

At BathEmpire, our wet room screens feature only the toughest 8 mm tempered safety glass. These have been specially heat treated and rigorously tested to ensure it conforms to BS6202 standards. Our wet room shower screens also feature fully reversible fittings, to make them easy to install wherever you need to.

Tantalising Fixtures

At BathEmpire, we give you both form and function. The supporting fixtures for our wet room shower enclosure screens come fully plated in chrome. These sleek fixtures add a glimmer to the rest of your bathroom that looks modern and chic.

We also supply rust resistant, stainless steel screws that also have chrome featured on the dome of the caps to complete the look, maintaining the attractive style of our shower enclosures.

Easy Maintenance Walk in Shower Enclosures

We also produce our wet rooms using easy clean glass. This helps you avoid the chore of constantly scrubbing your wet room screen. This is due to the fact that this toughened glass breaks down organic dirt on contact with sunlight.

We have also worked to ensure installation of our wet room shower screens is made as easy as possible. For example, we have engineered a 20 mm adjustment screw into our wet room shower screens. This means that with the simple turn of this screw you can adjust the frame of your wet room screen to fill out of line walls. This would save you the inconvenience for hideous amounts of sealant that would be needed to plug the gap ordinarily.