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Bath Filler Taps

The Look

While bathroom fittings are first and foremost about utility, at BathEmpire we pride ourselves on beautifully merging form and function - in fact, you might say we're experts at it. The name above our door reads 'Luxury for Less', and that is what we have in mind every time we put a product into the market.

That's why our bath filler bar mixer shower kits run the design gamut, from more regal, ornate designs for a classic bathroom, all the way across to streamlined, minimalist contemporary models to slot into any of our stunning shower bath suites.

Built To Last

Our bath filler taps are modern in looks, but vintage in longevity, something we can put down to the specialist materials we use. Copper-rich brass is preferred at BathEmpire, as we know it provides insurmountable corrosion resistance. Furthermore, we use only high quality chrome, laid down in three thick layers, to guarantee a perfectly reflective, burnished finish. Inferior manufacturers make their one layer too thin, which leads to peeling, making for unsightly bath filler taps.

Clever Ceramic Washers

Old taps, with their rubber washers, leaking everywhere and having to be wrenched off, are something we deplore at BathEmpire. We fit all our bath filler taps with ceramic disc washers, specifically designed to not only be hardwearing and longlasting, but to provide an elegant, simple operation too. With these ceramic discs, there are no more tight turns and no more annoying leaks when it comes to your shower bath.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

Every single one of our bath filler taps comes complete with a secret bonus - a ten year warranty, handed over to you as part of our commitment to service. To enjoy the benefits of this peace of mind you must direct your browser to our accounts page and tap in your details - once registered, you need do nothing else.

Should you come across any problems, or if you harbour any queries pertaining to any part of our bath filler taps order, get in touch with our customer service professionals by email, phone or live chat and they will answer all your questions and render any assistance you might need.