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Radiator Valves

Accessorise Your Radiator

Once you choose your brand new radiator, it will be vital to finish off the piece with the appropriate radiator accessories. What you need to do is select the perfect radiator valves to complete the unit.

At BathEmpire, we pride ourselves on having a broad range of both straight and angled radiator valves to fit your needs. We have even extended the range into different shapes and styles. For instance, there are square, Victorian and curved finishes available.

Therefore, no matter what style your brand new radiator, we will have the perfect radiator valves to match. Following from that, you will also need to think about the functionality of these different designs.

Supports Your Pipework

You can choose a set of angled radiator valves if your central heating system is designed with wall emerging pipework. On the other hand, you can go for straight radiator valves if your pipework emanates from the floor. By covering both of these options here, there is no need to spend a great amount of time browsing around for your ideal radiator valves.

Simple to Use

Our thermostatic radiator valves are perfect for controlling any of our electric radiators with minimal effort. Thermostatic radiator valves work by simply selecting a desired temperature on your valve, which can easily be adjusted at any point with an easy turn of the dial.

When the room is heated to a set temperature, the radiator turns off, and when the room drops below it, the radiator flicks back on. This saves you having to constantly adjust your settings. Our thermostatic radiator valves come in both straight and angled styles again for your convenience.

Clean, Polished Finishes

We always keep both form and function in mind here at BathEmpire, and as such all of our radiator valves are made from heavy-duty brass before being coated in thick chrome. This ensures that your new straight or angled radiator valve is long-lasting and finishes off your radiator with an impressively reflective sheen. With standard and highly polished ranges as well as traditional radiator valves, we have the perfect solution for you.