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Electric Radiators

Contemporary Electric Radiators

Take a look at our assorted range of high quality electric radiators right here at BathEmpire. Our modern electric heated towel rails are designed to not only provide a bold feature for your bathroom but to perform well and last a lifetime.

Meticulous Production Process

Following from that, we take the production process of each electric towel radiator very seriously. Our electric bathroom radiators are manufactured using a solid, durable and lightweight low carbon steel.

To provide a delightful mirror finish, the frame of each electric radiator is then finished with a triple layer of chrome which catches the light and freshens up the look of the room in which it is placed.

Separate from Your Central Heating System

Our versatile electric radiators can be powered either through your central heating system or separate to the rest of your heating system through an electric switch. This means that regardless of your current system, we have electric towel rails that will suit you.


Our electric radiators are set up to work in thermostatic or standard modes, with the former better for maintaining a standard, ambient temperature and the latter better for periodic, on-and-off use.

You can even turn your electric radiators & towel rails into a dual fuel appliance by purchasing a T-piece connector and other radiator accessories from us. This is handy, as it means you can simply flick your electric towel radiators on from the current instead of firing up the whole system, particularly useful in the summer months. This makes our electric radiators far more versatile than other units.

Diversified Selection of Styles

We feature similar ranges to those available in our section of heated towel rails. The latest ones include the Francis flat panel range and the Medina flat panel range that are extremely sleek and stylish. These styles add a contemporary feel to any room in your home. These electric radiators come in all shapes and sizes to allow you versatility in their positioning and placement.