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Shower Arms

Diverse Collection of Shower Arms

Browse through our incredible collection of shower arms for your ideal shape, style or size. Despite being absolutely essential, some of the smaller shower accessories in your bathroom suite can get overlooked.

Your shower arm definitely fits this definition. However, we have made this job easier for you by providing you with a wide range of top quality shower arms right here you need look no further. These shower head arms are special as we design them not just to look good but to last you a lifetime.

We form each shower arm from the sturdiest solid brass, to ensure good resistance to corrosion in what will be a humid environment. We then coat the brass in a thick sealing layer of chrome. These both help to protect our shower arms, whilst making them appealingly shiny. This will provide your bathroom with a nice bright gleam.

Mix and Match

Our shower arms are the perfect companion piece to help you mount our range of chrome showers. The separation of these shower accessories will allow you to customise and create a look that best matches your bathroom. This is because the shower arms are available in several variations of round and circular designs for you to choose from.

Furthermore, our collection provides you with ceiling shower arms, as well as wall mounted shower arms. It is worth noting that if you want a shower head exceeding nine inches in diameter, the increasing weight will necessitate a ceiling mounted shower head arm.For more, take a look at our full range of bathroom accessories.

Tried and Tested

Quality is the watchword for us at BathEmpire and to ensure our shower arms are the very best we test them rigorously. First, we run each shower arm through waterproofing tests before assessing them to make sure they can take pressures up to 15 bar. The average household's pressure is around one to five bar, so our shower arms are set up to handle almost anything.