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T Piece Connector

Activate Dual Functionality

Our T piece connector is a key piece when it comes to installing your brand new electric radiator. Without this element, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits of your brand new radiator. For instance, you will not be able to connect the electric element and take advantage of the dual fuel functionality that enables you to use your radiator throughout the summer and the winter months.

This is because to convert a regular towel radiator to an electric radiators, you will need a T piece connector, heating element and valves. The T piece connector we supply is crafted using a tough, solid brass interior and coat it with a thick, reflective layer of gleaming chrome.

Variety of Options

This way, it blends in with your brand new electric radiator. Added to that, the T piece connector comes with a standard 15mm pipe connection. We have a choice of 100 W up until 500 W electric elements to choose from. These elements will allow you to transform your regular towel rail radiator into a multifunctional product that you can use in both summer and winter.

This is because you can use the T piece connector to operate them with a switch during the summer to keep your towels fresh. You can also connect the radiator to your central heating system and use it with the complete system during the winter months.

Protected With Warranty

The T piece connector uses high quality British standard fittings. The T piece connector comes with a priceless ten year warranty, which is provided to you for absolutely free. All you need to do is purchase the product and the warranty is activated immediately. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly on 02476 389052.