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Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Exquisite Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Take a look at our selection and choose your favourite pick from a wide range of elegant yet long-lasting quadrant shower enclosures. These will transform that lifeless corner of your bathroom into an area of showering luxury. You might also be interested in our shower enclosure suites.

Thorough Testing Methods

We ensure that all of our quadrant shower enclosures feature only exceptionally high quality materials. All our quadrant shower doors are rigorously tested to ensure they are fully waterproof. The tempered safety glass we use to produce these shower cubicles complies with top BS6206 standards.

Sleek Minimalism

As well as being sturdy and long-lasting, our quadrant shower cubicles give your bathroom a modern, minimalist look. This is because the transparency of the safety glass adds a new depth to your brand new bathroom, opening it up and creating the illusion of vastness. Along with this, you would need to select from our diverse choice of quadrant shower trays.

Our fittings, such as the handles, are also plated with chrome, which adds a shining gleam to the design. In the past, you may have experienced looseness or wobbling of the glass of your quadrant shower door after a while. This safety and usability issue is what we aim to avoid when it comes to your brand new quadrant shower enclosure.

You need not worry about this anymore, as our quadrant shower enclosures feature twin sliding rollers which fully support your doors, holding them securely in the frame.

Flawless Finishes

To make installation easier for you, we also design our quadrant shower enclosures with a 20 mm adjustment either side. This means that you can maintain a seamless, flush finish for your quadrant shower cubicles, even if your walls and the surrounding area aren't completely square.

Free Ten Year Warranty

Our quadrant shower enclosures are of manufactured to the highest standards. This assertion is supported by the free guarantee that we provide you with for ten years after your purchase. We do this so that you feel secure when purchasing our products and to back up our assurance to you of remarkable manufacturing standards.