We're rated excellent 8.6 / 10

We're rated excellent 8.6 / 10

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Shower Accessories

Diverse Selection of Shower Fixtures

The shower accessories we stock, here at BathEmpire, are sure to compliment your latest shower enclosure in every way possible. Whether you require shower heads, shower arms, shower pumps, waste, riser rails or any other shower components.

How Are They Made?

Our main range of shower accessories are manufactured from solid brass and coated in thick chrome plating, ensuring that they look fantastic while maintaining durability. For smaller bathrooms, you can also choose one of our chrome effect shower rails or handheld heads. These are manufactured with Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding technology for a lightweight finish.

Body or Shower Jets

Our shower jets really add glamorous function to your shower. These neat units can be fitted to the wall of your bath shower or enclosure and can help to massage your muscles in areas that might not usually get much attention. BathEmpire shower jets are made of a combination of brass and chrome plating, to provide the best strength and finish.


Shower Hoses, Shower Brackets & Shower Pumps

Your shower hose is a vital accessory without which your shower would not operate smoothly. Ours are formed from stainless steel, which give you brilliant corrosion resistance and strength.

A small but vitally important item, your shower bracket from BathEmpire is designed to work with all our valves. Each shower bracket is cast from solid brass before being plated in chrome. This provides both durability and a stunning, reflective finish.

Furthermore, we also supply you with shower pumps courtesy of Salamander. These come in a variety of 'bars', in terms of what pressure, beginning with 1.5 bar all the way up to 3 bar.

Shower Riser Rail Design

Our shower riser rail ranges take in a number of different designs, so you are able to find one that matches your overall theme perfectly. We have a selection of curved and straight shower risers that feature round or square tubing.