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Vertical Radiators

Alluring Vertical Radiators

If you are looking to add a striking feature to your wall, which has a meaningful purpose and provides you with great functionality, you have come to the right place. Our selection of vertical radiators comes in an assortment of styles, colours and widths, so you can create an effective look when thinking about interior design themes.

Formulated by combining a pattern of rails, the selection of vertical radiators is available in tones of black, white, anthracite, and chrome and silver. They also boast a number of shapes when it comes to the rails. You can find they are formulated from colosseum, Victorian-style rails, flat panels, round and oval tube rails. This gives you an extensive collection to choose from when it comes to aesthetics.

Built to Match

At BathEmpire, we have purposely designed our range of vertical radiators to ensure they can merge seamlessly with the overall decorative theme of your room. Our Callaghan line, for instance, presents a clean, white facade that deepens the space in the room, whereas our Fuego panel tall radiators have a sleek, black finish that complements a minimalist, contemporary room.


Enduring Performance

However, that is not all we provide. We utilise the very best manufacturing processes and materials when it comes to our radiator accessories. We provide you with a sturdy, hard wearing structure underneath the elegant and dainty attire portrayed on the outside. The vertical radiators are produced from low carbon steel and are then coated in a thick layer of powder or chrome.

This gives your column radiator an impressively scratch-resistant and long-lasting finish that provides a strong resistance to rust. It means that you need not worry about having to repair or replace your tall radiators any time soon.

Ten Years of Support

If you are still hesitant, our ten year warranty should alleviate any concerns you may have. Not only do we provide you with a product that will meet your needs in the long-run. We add on a free warranty with it that lasts for ten years. This is to take away any hassle that may be involved in repairing or replacing the product.